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The Moule Gold Permit covers 249 square kilometres of prospective Birimian greenstone geology. Moule lies 270 kilometres west southwest of Ouagadougou. Company management believes the Moule permit has the potential to host both a large near-surface, bulk tonnage gold deposit and a shear-hosted vein deposit. There are currently four target areas: Zelingpe 1, Zelingpe 2, Vein 2 and Vein 3. The first ever drill program was completed in February 2011, testing the Zelingpe 1, Zelingpe 2 and Vein 3 targets.

The 246 square kilometre Lati Gold Permit, located in the Boromo greenstone belt, covers a major north-south shear zone and a number of known but under-explored prospects. Lati is about 150 kilometres  west of Ouagadougou and is the site of two rapidly expanding artisanal workings on the east side of the permit.

The Kodyel Gold Permit covers 238 square kilometres and lies close to the Niger border approximately 300 kilometres east of Ouagadougou. Kodyel covers an extension of the Sirba greenstone belt that hosts the Samira Hill gold mine just across the border in Niger. Kodyel is the site of several active artisanal workings, including: Hantekoura (CFA), Kodyel 1, and Tangounga. 

The 143 square kilometre Tordo permit lies about 150 kilometres east of Ouagadougou. Tordo covers a veinlet stockwork related to flat faults in meta-volcanics. Quartz float debris fields and a number of artisanal workings are associated with these structures.

The 93 square kilometre Loto exploration permit is 270 kilometre west southwest of Ouagadougou and is contiguous to the Moule permit to the north. Loto hosts outcrops of strongly anomalous (1-2 gpt Au) quartz vein swarms in intermediate to mafic volcanics.


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