moule geology
Moule Loto Geology

The 70 square kilometre Loto exploration permit, adjacent to the southern boundary of the Moule Exploration Permit, is located in the Boromo greenstone belt. The Loto permit lies near the town of Diebougou, approximately 270 km by road from Ouagadougou of which 250 km is paved.  Loto is underlain by granite, granodiorite, tonalite, diorite and microgabbro with minor intermediate to mafic volcanics. The basaltic volcanics are mapped in the northeast and northwest of the permit.  Quartz veins occur in two orientations and are variable in width. The area is intensely farmed and it has taken time to establish a working relationship with the local community.

Attention was first drawn to this area by outcrops of strongly anomalous (1-2 gpt Au) quartz vein swarms in intermediate to mafic volcanics.  The area of quartz veining was subsequently covered by a 1.4km x 1km grid which allowed for soil sampling on a 200m x 100m density as well as additional quartz vein sampling (outcrop and float) and geological mapping.  Eight of the ninety soil samples analyzed returned values greater than 50 ppb Au with a high value of 226 ppb Au.  Five of the 167 quartz vein samples assayed greater than 1 gpt Au, including values of 22.15 gpt Au, 4.49 gpt Au, 8.08 gpt Au, 11.15 gpt Au and 14.55 gpt Au.

loto grid
Loto Soil Grid and Rock Sampling

The Company flew an airborne radiometric and magnetic survey over the Loto permit in mid-February 2011.  A large northwest trending radiometric anomaly spans Moule and Loto, coincident with the soil grid above. See the Moule Section for a figure.